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People often want to know something more about an artist who's creations collectors  have taken an interest in. My creations are me and I am my creations, they see what I see and I see what they see... No, really.

    Why I Do What I Do...


I started making dolls In 1992. I had just moved to the Washington, D.C. area and was walking through Old Town Alexandria, VA, and I came upon a shop called Angie's Doll boutique. The ladies in the shop asked if I was looking for my mother or my girlfriend? I replied that I was a doll maker and I was looking to see what they had for me to use to create dolls.  We soon became friends.  I believe my creations come from my  unknown African past. When my ancestors came to this country chained in the belly of ships as cargo, they were taken away from their language, families, way of life; and this included their Gods. When I am creating a doll I'll have the exotic fabric, beads and feathers on a table in front of me and I let the Universe (spirit) guide me in what to do with it, I do the same when I'm sculpting in clay. Maybe my guidance in creativity is coming from my unknown ancestors... perhaps telling me stories that I have never heard and showing mask and painted faces that I have never seen? I just know if I keep my mouth closed and my mind open I can be creative... I can only say that this works for me. After I'm done creating a sculpture I exhale and I have a cigar and a beer (or maybe a whisky and coke) and a nap, after that it starts all over again.



 Shows and Exhibits


  • 1996- featured artist -Graham Collection, Washington, DC
  • 2005 -Hidden Treasures exhibit- Graham Collection, Washington, DC
  • 2007- Erotic Blue Exhibit -Graham Collection , Washington, DC
  • 2006-Found exhibit; BADC -Graham Collection, Washington,DC
  • 2007- Doll Noir -Graham Collection, Washington, DC
  • 2008- Doll Noir-Graham Collection, Washington, DC
  • 2013- Art Doll Exhibition -Florida Craftsman, St. Petersburg, FL.
  • 2007- Art Doll Exhibition- Florida Craftsman, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2007- BADC 1111 Penn. Ave. NW Washington, DC, Margery's first Chris Malone Artgasim
  • 2010- Coaxing the Spirit to Dance- Stella Jones Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  • 2003- Something For the Soul- American Jazz Museum Kansas City, MO
  • 2009- Synergy2 Exhibition- Baltimore, MD
  • 2010- Bon Appetit- 2010 Calendar
  • 1998-Dolls With a Life of Their Own- The Washington Post
  • 2010 -Book- Creative Time and Space, Making Room for Making Art 
  • 2007- Art Doll Quarterly, volume 5 issue 3, Doll Artist Profile
  • 2011- Book- Masters Polymer Clay, Mayor Works by Leading Artist, Lark Crafts
  • 2014 -August 15- The Washington Color School- The Washington Post
  • 2014 -August 27-The Washington Informer- Home Transformed Into Art Lovers Treasure Trove
  • 2015 -Black Face Boy Exhibit -Brenwood Arts Exchange - Brentwood, Maryland
  • 2015- Platform Gallery Baltimore, MD
  • 2014 -Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD
  • 2015- Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandea, VA
  • 2014 -Brooklyn Art Museum, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2011- Mahalia Jackson Queen of Gospel Music, African American Art Musem Dallas, TX 
  • 2019- The Art League's November Origins Show, Old Town , VA
  • 2019- H-Space gallery, Play Protection or Peril- June- September, DC
  • 2019- Cover Art League School catalog, Alexandra, VA
  •  2015-  Imagining New Orleans in a Post Katrina World-  Stella Jones Gallery, New Orleans, LA  


     .   2021- NCECA Exhibitions 2021

       . 2021- Torpedo Factory, Alexandra, VA.

     2021- Zenith gallery, Washington, DC


    . 2021- DC Art Bank, Washington, DC   


    . 2021- February ,Artist Talk - Episcopal High School


     . 2022- January , Torpedo Factory




I sometimes forget to add shows and "whatnots" to this website, and I honestly would rather be sculpting, and it must be done... But, you get the general idea.












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